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NEW LAKE RECORD: Longest Passing TD


During the Lake vs. Dover game on September 1st, 2017 the Longest Passing TD Record for Lake was broken. Wide reciever #23 Tye Hunt caught a pass from Half Back #40 Cameron Martin for a 97 yard TD with 7:33 remaining in the 2nd Quarter. The previous record of 95 yards was held by Ryan Christiansen to Derek Sitzlar set in 2008 vs. Canton McKinley.

To see all records, please visit the Lake Blue Streak Record Book.

Below are the videos of the previous record by Christiansen/Sitzler and the new record by Martin/Hunt.

OLD RECORD: 95 Yards from Christiansen to Sitzler '08
NEW RECORD: 97 Yards from Martin to Hunt ' 17